Our Programs

Spay and Neuter Clinics

We set up a MASH type surgical unit in the community to spay or neuter, tattoo, vaccinate and deworm as many animals as possible. We have provided care for up to 739 animals in one weekend! These clinics are made possible with the support of 100-200 volunteers each day.

Dog Care and Management Program

Launched in 2016 after a series of serious dog bite/attack incidents, this program encourages responsible pet ownership, reducing bite incidents and improving the welfare of people and dogs living in First Nation communities. We provide guidance and resources to First Nations regarding bylaws, humane enforcement, registration and licensing of dogs, Animal Control Officer training, dog bite prevention and structured feeding programs for eligible clients.

Cat Care and Management Program

A pilot project started in 2019, with the goal of assisting municipalities with free roaming cat overpopulation. The first onsite cat clinic was held in Carseland, AB in April 2019 and 84 feral cats were trapped, spayed and neutered, treated for parasites, vaccinated (including rabies), tattooed and ear tipped. Local caregivers continue to monitor and care for the feral cats.

Disaster Relief

member of the Alberta Animal Disaster Response Team and the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, CATF provides assistance with disaster relief efforts in response to natural disasters, such as the 2019 Alberta wildfires, 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires and 2013 Alberta floods. We are a contributing member of the Companion Animal Disaster Response Steering Committee lead by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and Alberta Provincial Emergency Services.

Emergency Vaccine Clinics

Created to respond to highly contagious and potentially fatal Canine Distemper outbreaks in First Nation communities. Teams go door to door and vaccinate as many dogs as possible over the course of a weekend.