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Spay and Neuter Programs 

With the advent of COVID and resulting restrictions, our staff and volunteers were very resourceful and tackled our long waiting list of people requiring assistance with managing feral cat populations. This program could be delivered safely during the pandemic.  Since our first Cat Care and Management Project in 2019, the amount of calls we have received this past year for help has increased exponentially. In 2020, our team managed to help several individuals caring for multiple free roaming cats. In addition, we were able to support the Town of Fort Macleod with their feral cat population, at their request. 

Our statistics for 2020: 

  • 386 cats spayed/neutered 
  • 237 additional cats transferred to partner rescue groups 

In early February 2021, we proposed to the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) that we could be licensed as a Temporary Veterinary Facility for 6 months. Veterinary clinics in Alberta are currently experiencing an overwhelming need for services and there is a shortage of veterinarians and technologists. The ABVMA Council approved our proposal and we were able to lease a space adjacent to our current bay at a discount. Thanks so much to Omega Developments for reducing the rent on this space. We are also very grateful to the incredible anonymous donor who is paying the expenses related to the leased space. Our license allows us to provide veterinary care to the many feral cats on our list. We will also be able to assist First Nations dogs and cats. 

We are so excited to have the flexibility to use this clinic and plan on having it active as needed. Our teams of trappers travel all over Alberta to catch feral cats and we have a growing list of over 50 colonies and 800 cats to be fixed. We have also received requests from municipalities who require assistance with managing their feral cats and are working towards helping them. We are very diligent about fixing ALL cats in each area. 

Since opening the clinic in April, we were able to spay and neuter a total of 1559 cats and have cared for over 2500! We have been granted an extension for the project to run into Oct and Nov and we are working on setting those clinic dates.  

We also will be holding an on-site clinic Oct 1-3rd, for the Big Stone Cree Nation and MD of Opportunity (located in Wabasca).  



Dog Care and Management Programs 

We are proud to say that our Dog Care and Management Program Manager, Alanna, participated in a panel discussion at Humane Canada’s National Animal Welfare Conference. The discussion included topics such as diversity, inclusion and reconciliation. Alanna  also continues to work on our Managing Dogs in First Nations workshop along with the International Fund for Animal Welfare as well as our Measuring Impact Project, funded by Dogs Trust International. 

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