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Emergency Cat Situation 

November 9, 2021 

Two weeks ago, just when we thought we were getting a chance to catch our breath, we received another plea for help. Like many of the calls we receive, the caller was desperate. With being involved in animal welfare for as many years as we have, we know that one can never fully plan or prepare for some of the circumstances we find ourselves in. In this case, it resulted in us taking in over 120 compromised cats into our care all within a day. We had only a few hours driving time from the pick up location to our Calgary office to plan how and where we could set up all of the new arrivals. We immediately knew, based on the visible condition of the cats, that we would need to quarantine them until they were medically cleared to ensure we were not exposing them to other animal populations. Our team moved quickly to set up our temporary rental bay to accommodate the many new felines. A huge thank you to our friends at Calgary Humane Society who generously donated several of their cat banks which allowed us to better house the cats for their longer term stay. The first 4 days of the cats in our care were exhausting as staff and volunteers stayed 24 hours around the clock to ensure the many little kittens were being supplemented as their mothers had little to no milk. With heavy hearts, we had to let a few of the kittens go as no intervention would have been able to save them. 

We are grateful to our friends Dr. Claire Cooney and Dr. Wendy James as they came to our help in order for us to begin a treatment plan for each cat. As one could imagine, medicating this number of cats twice a day comes with its challenges. One of course is the high costs for everything they need. The majority of the cats require the basics which include being spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for various parasites. In addition each cat is on antibiotics and medications while over 20 are requiring extensive dental work. Others were hospitalized as they needed to be monitored closely due to their deplorable condition. Thankfully, Hills Pet Food of Canada responded immediately to our plea for help and delivered an enormous donation of Gastrointestinal Biome cat food as each cat is needing specialized food at this time. 


Our friends at AARCS have already taken several into their care to help them through the next stage of their journey into finding their forever homes. Other organizations such as MEOW, ARF, Rescue Friends and Pawsitive Match Rescue are standing by to accept cats once they are ready to move. Perhaps you have been considering fostering a cat? Now is a great time to connect with your local animal charity as they are always looking to recruit new foster homes. 

It has been rewarding to see the cats’ health improve in the little time we’ve had them. Getting to know their personalities and watching them come out of their shell as they gain the trust of our volunteers makes every challenge we’ve faced worth it. We are fortunate for the ongoing support we receive from the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. Being granted a temporary license this summer has allowed us to provide Veterinary services to over 2,500 animals from our Calgary space. This year has been one of the busiest years for the Task Force. We have accomplished so much and hope you consider making a donation to help us continue in the work we are doing. Helping People, Helping Animals.



We need monetary donations to help us with their medical costs and all costs related to their care. The Canadian Animal Task Force is not an animal shelter, nor do we typically do adoptions, we rely on the support of the many reputable rescue organizations and shelters to help us with the adoption of the animals that come into our care. Your financial support will allow us to provide these cats with the medical care they need so that we can transfer them to organizations that are able to move them into their adoption programs. 


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