Educational Resources

Check Out Our Educational Resources!

Feel free to download, print or distribute these helpful resources to your community, pet owners, care givers & animal lovers!

Who To Call In Alberta For Animals In Distress

For Alberta residents – numbers to call for animals in distress (heat stroke, freezing, abuse or inadequate conditions).

Keeping Outdoor Pets Warm

Helpful reminders & tips for free-roaming dog populations, outdoor working dogs, outdoor cat colonies & more!

Caring For Your Senior Dog

Changes to watch for in your senior dog & ways to keep them comfortable as they age.

Grooming Is Important

Information about dogs that require grooming, mats & preventative care.

Keep Your Cats and Small Dogs Safe

Information & tips related to keeping small animals safe in free-roaming dog populations.

Alternatives To Tying Up Your Dog

Information about tether alternatives & dog safety in free-roaming dog populations.

Safely Tying-Up Your Dog

Information & tips related to keeping your dog safe while tethered.

How Much To Feed Your Dog

Information to determine if your dog is at a healthy weight & when to contact a veterinarian.