Vets or Vet Students

Join us as a Veterinarian or Vet Student

Our on-site spay neuter clinics are held on weekends (Friday to Sunday) between April and October at various First Nations communities in Alberta. We set up in the community and rely on over 100 volunteers each day to care for up to 700 animals. Each clinic is licensed by the ABVMA and will have a Responsible Veterinarian to provide an orientation and be available to help at any time if you need it.

Whether you have half a day or all three days to help, we appreciate any time you have! Email for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

For Veterinarians at onsite spay neuter clinics:

  • Physical Exams (you have a scribe and a handler)
  • Surgeon (you will have a sign on your table for which surgeries you are comfortable doing)

We ask that, if you sign up as a surgeon, you can meet the suggested (maximum) time frames for the following procedures and have small incisions;

  • Canine Castration – 30 min
  • Feline Spay, Canine and Feline Cryptorchid Castration: 45 min
  • Dog Spay (including lactating, pregnant and in heat): 60 min

For Veterinary Students at onsite spay neuter clinics:

  • Physical Exams Scribe
  • Surgery Scribe
  • Surgery Prep
  • Dog Recovery
  • Cat Recovery
  • Cat Room
  • Dog Care (walking, feeding and cleaning crates)
  • Set Up and Truck Pack
  • Physical Exams (4th year students)

Full orientations and details for every clinic scheduled can be found when you register as a volunteer (we will set you up in our online volunteer program called ‘Better Impact’). Through Better Impact you can see all of the volunteer opportunities, sign up for shifts that interest you and see who else is volunteering.

Accommodation, Transportation and Meals

Accommodation at a local hotel is provided for volunteers who are licensed with the ABVMA. Unfortunately we do not have the funding at this time to cover costs for students at this time.  Transportation is the responsibility of the volunteer. Volunteers often arrange carpooling on our private Facebook group. Vegetarian and vegan meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) are provided at the clinic site.


We hope you will consider joining our fantastic team of volunteers!