Are you a compassionate person who is hard working and wants to make a difference? We can always use your help! Not only with clinics but fundraising events, laundry, wrapping and sterilizing instruments, picking up donations and so many other tasks. We have opportunities for volunteers with all levels of experience. One clinic has over 50 different volunteer positions!

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“I have been with the Task Force since the beginning of time helping with the clinics. Currently, I’m part of the Community Outreach teams that go door to door at our on-site clinics picking up community members’ pets to be spayed/neutered and informing the community of the services being provided to help them and their pets. When it’s not clinic time, I spend my weekends helping with cat colonies outside of the city; whether friendly or ferals, they are fully vetted and returned to their caregivers.  I am a cat lover and truly believe that the programs offered by the Task Force are helping so many cats and so many people. This truly warms the heart and I am proud to be a part of it.”.

Janice Leask

Community Outreach , Volunteering since 2012

“I volunteer with the Canadian Animal Task Force in the surgery prep area. My role in prep is to anesthetize and prep the animal’s surgical site prior to going to surgery. This requires shaving and doing a sterile prep of the area as well as doing their identification tattoo. I also give the animal pain medications and a local block of the surgical site while they’re on my prep table and I am monitoring them under anesthesia during prep. I personally volunteer with the Task Force because I have a really fun time doing it. I love being able to make a difference in the animals’ lives and within the communities, we work with. I love being able to educate owners and also teach new volunteers and new Registered Veterinary Technologists come to volunteer. The Task Force is like a family to me and it is great being able to come together, visit, laugh and catch up as well do amazing work together. The weekends we do clinics are very busy but I always leave feeling like I’ve made an impact and looking forward to the next clinic! Oh and the food is delicious (thanks Beth!!) “

Cierra Berner

Registered Veterinarian Technologist , Volunteering since 2019

“I have been volunteering with CATF for about 7 years. The reason I started volunteering was simple…I wanted to help in some way and wondered what I could do. I quickly learned I/we could do lots!

A whole new world opened before me. I have volunteered in a variety of areas, tried new things, learned about the communities that we visit, found confidence, as I learned new skills, and most importantly feel like my heart and hands (with many others), have made a positive difference in people’s and animals’ lives.

One of my favourite things to do as a volunteer at the Spay/Neuter Clinics. Weekends spent with amazing animals and incredible people; my fellow volunteers, and the families in the communities that we work with.  

I happily and gratefully spend my time with the Canadian Animal Task Force. I found my joy.”

Michelle Quarin

Volunteering since 2015