Siksika Nation Dog Care and Control Program (SDCCP)


Dog Care and Control Program- Pilot Project

The Task Force and Siksika Nation have entered into a partnership to work together to develop and implement a new and ground-breaking community based Siksika Nation Dog Care and Control Program (SDCCP). After a particularly serious dog attack in the Siksika Nation in March 2016, the Siksika Justice Department contacted us for help and a partnership was born!

The Task Force has provided 8 Spay and Neuter Clinics for the Nation since 2008. We have fixed 1,218 dogs and removed 370 stray or relinquished dogs to be rehomed.

Princess is one of Siksika’s well-known “spokesdog” for ASNTF!

The Task Force is very proud of our spay/neuter statistics but we acknowledge that providing an accessible spay/neuter program addresses only one component of a community based Dog Care and Control Program. The Task Force has expanded our Strategic Plan to include providing support and guidance to our partner communities in designing and implementing a successful community based Dog Care and Control Program.

We have worked very closely with the Nation’s lawyers in order to create bylaws that address not only animal welfare but providing a safe environment for community members, especially children. Alanna Collicutt, our Dog Care and Control Adviser, has designed and implemented the components of the Program and provided support and guidance to the Siksika Nation. 


The components:

  • Legislation: This includes both creating by laws and providing humane enforcement.  Siksika Nation Chief and Council approved the new by laws in July 2016 and the Siksika Justice Department recently hired an Animal Care and Control Officer. The Task Force is providing mentorship and training.
  •   Registration and Licensing: The Task Force, along with community members and Siksika Security, have registered and licensed approximately 300 dogs so far. 
  •   Education: We will continue to attend community events in order to provide public awareness booths. The Task Force Education Committee will work with Siksika educators to draft a curriculum and new programs for local schools as well as develop and implement an adult education program.
  • Accessible Spay and Neuter Programs: The Task Force will continue to provide an accessible spay/neuter program.
  • Holding or Re-homing Facility:  Impounded or stray dogs will be held at a boarding facility or at Alberta Animal Rescue Crew’s facility “Safe Haven” to be re-homed. We are very grateful to AARCS for their support.
  • Controlling Access to Resources: Together, we have designed a structured feeding program for free food to eligible community members. The food is provided by rescue groups. We also encourage communities to provide secure garbage containers and discourage free feeding dogs in populated areas. 

The Task Force has created this program based on the ICAM Document (International Coalition of Companion Animal Management) recommendations and Task Force experience, knowledge and expertise.  We are committed to ensuring that the Siksika Dog Care and Control Program is, and continues to be, a community based program.

Stakeholder meetings that include the Siksika Justice Department, Siksika’s lawyer, Siksika Health Department, RCMP and others are ongoing.

Mieka (ASNTF Volunteer) and Sherry Good Eagle (Community Member)

There is a desperate need in Canada for a sustainable model of a community based Dog Care and Control Program in First Nation’s communities. We believe that long-term commitment to this initiative will provide an opportunity for Siksika Nation to become a role model for other First Nations communities in managing their dog populations and keeping their community safe.

Staying Safe with Free Roaming Dogs
The Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force is proud to present “Staying Safe with Free Roaming Dogs” an educational video for communities living with Free Roaming Dog populations.

As part of our community based Dog Care and Control Program, we created a video for people living with free roaming dogs. Many community members feel threatened by free roaming dogs and many children and adults experience dog bites or scary encounters. The Task Force wishes to acknowledge the Siksika Justice Department and Leadership for their ongoing support. We are so fortunate to partner with this community that shares our beliefs. 

Special Thank You to Dogs Trust Worldwide for their support in the production of this video. 

 Siksika Justice Department Animal Control Officer: Norman Running Rabbit, Jr

Host: Alanna  Collicutt
ASNTF Dog Care & Control Program Manager

Sound Design: Six Degrees Sound/Music

Producer: Sue Hutch 

Production Crew: Bamboo Shoots Calgary

Community Members: April Iron Shirt, Kyle Stimson, Averey Bull Bear, Leonard Bear Shirt, Melanie Black,

We are grateful to Dyan Breaker, Senior Manager, Siksika Justice Department